Blue Coral dive site

Name: Blue Coral

Dive: Reef

Depth: max – 36 meters / 120 feet

Access: boat

Visibility: 10-30 meters

Snorkeling: available

Blue Coral dive site Aqaba

Blue Coral dive site is named for the abundance of blue corals found here. The site has a nice mix of sea-grass beds and sandy patches. Three main spurs of coral reefs running to shore. They starting at 10 m and extending to 50 m.

A flat piece of "slab" marks the entrance of this unusual site. Care need on entry as the slab and flat stones can often be slippery. Also there are urchins lurking. Once over this area swim across the grass down to 12m where the reef starts.

Blue Coral dive site is available for all certification levels.

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Accessible only from the shore off Tala Bay. This is also photographer’s paradise. The jetty has beautiful soft coral growing on it. You will also have the chance to see a wide range of sea life. For example: sting rays, turtles, sea horses and a variety of nudibranchs.

Source: Culture Trip

This site was named after the abundance of blue corals in the area. The topography consists of three spurs of coral. Corals start at around 10m and extending out to 50m with sandy gullies in between.A grass plain found to the shoreward side and this grass extends down the center of the gullies to 30m.
At the south reef there is a circular reef supporting some nice black coral bushes. There are numerous small pinnacles at the top of each spur and this area abounds with a variety of nudibranches.

Source: Aqaba Marine Park / ASEZA

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