Divining Programs

Check Dive

Have not dived for a while? and need to refresh your diving skills before you go diving once again, then you need to do your Scuba Review.

Daily dive

Basically, shore diving means diving from the shore and not from a boat. It is as simple as that. There are many benefits attributed to shore diving, particularly for those who suffer from seasickness of course.

Night Dive

There’s something ‘mystique’ about diving after the sun has set in. It is as if the Red Sea changes into an entirely new world of flora and fauna.

Private Dive Guide

Are you an avid shore diver and wish to step it up a notch, or simply need an experienced instructor or divemaster that can actively assist in gear preparation and shore entry techniques?
[read more]We offer special care for you or your family or group with professional private diving tour  and private instructor or divemaster at affordable rates. You will visit the most famous snorkel and dive sites in Aqaba with our VIP tour experience. Let us know the locations you are interested in or the types of dive or snorkel sites that interest you and we can custom-tailor an amazing jordanian experience.

Whether it is day or night, we offer a private dive guide to join you. The private dive guide service can be tailored to your experience, comfort level and other wishes.[/read]


Aqaba has unique conditions for shore diving: calm sea, overall easy access and coral reefs starts from the 1 meter. We have selected a few dive sites which are ideal to dive with your private dive guide; either because the sea entry is a little more tricky or because the site offers some unique underwater features.

Private dives include transportation from hotel or dive center, full gear ( fins, mask, wet suit, BCD, regulator, tank, weights), tea, coffee and ratio 1 diver to 1 instructor/divemaster. The private dive is ideal for indivinduals, children, not confident divers, couples, families and friends who want to enjoy diving in their own private group with absolute safety (ratio 1 diver to 1 instructor) and flexible scheduling.