Eel Garden

Dive: Reef
Depth: max – 35 meters / 115 feetWith an easy shore access, the Eel Garden offers a number of surprises. As well as the obligatory garden eels, this site is home to an assortment of other interesting critters. Crossing the sand and heading left from the shore, there are several coral heads hosting yellow-mouthed morays and anemones. A sea grass bed offers a hiding place for many young fish and eels, but keep an eye open for the numerous scorpion fish and lion-fish that can be found here. However, the most outstanding feature is the pinnacle at just 7 m. This is truly a photographer’s paradise. Surrounded by Anthias (Gold fish) and black corals, the pinnacle is a busy cleaning station managed by a giant moray and manned by his team of banded boxer shrimp. Look carefully, because a galaxy of creatures can be seen here including frog fish. If you dive this site at night, you are likely to see resident toad fish and the red swimming crabs that hide within the pinnacle’s recesses during the day.