SSI Courses

SSI Open Water

The SSI Open Water certificate is your personalized gateway to underwater fun, adventures and fascination. Like a permanent ticket to aquatic paradise. Read More

SSI Advanced Adventurer Diver

You’re an Open Water Diver and are keen on expanding your skills expertise. There’s lots to choose from to be introduced to special certification


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SSI Advanced Open Water Diver

The goal with the SSI Advanced Diver Course is to cover the central core courses that every diver needs to be efficient enough to dive just about anywhere Read More

SSI Respond Right First Aid

As an engaged diver it is your ambition to come to the rescue when respond right first aid is required. Because you are a caring and responsible diver. Read More

SSI Diver Stress & Rescue

You recognize divers in distress. You recognize the symptoms. Your instinct dictates you to effectively rescue your fellow diver.

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SSI Master Diver

Master Diver. The Holy Grail for the certified, ommitted recreational diver, looking to attain the highest non-leadership diver level. Top of the bill.


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SSI Dive Guide

You’re a recreational diver and you are thinking of a first step towards passing on your passion for scuba diving to your fellow divers.

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SSI Dive Master Course

ou’re an advanced diver interested in working in the dive industry as a professional dive guide. You want to eagerly move on to become an instructor.

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