TEN TIPS FOR NEW DIVERS Here are ten tips for new divers we’ve discovered to make each of your dives better than the last. 1. BUY A PROPERLY FITTING MASK As for most divers, introduction to diving involved a rental mask, which meant a lot of leaking and constant clearing. Until you become comfortable performing

Health and Safety measures

Health and Safety measures Thank you Ministry Of Tourism And Antiquities ( MOTA ) for your care and support this sticker show’s how recognizes our awareness of cleanliness and hygiene also urges us to stay continually conscious of public health and safety of our guests. How to Clean and Sanitize Your Scuba Equipment In light

Best Dive Cameras

Best Underwater Cameras 2020 Scuba diving is always a great experience, but having the right equipment like diving cameras and being able to record or take photos of your encounters with dolphins and turtles… that’s priceless! Now you take a look at all the options, underwater cameras, types of housing, accessories, etc. and you may

74th Jordan Independence day

74th Jordan Independence Day 2020 On May, 25 jordanians celebrated the 74th Jordan Independence day anniversary of the independence of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Hoping for a better future. It was the King Abdullah I, the founder of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. He spearheaded the struggle to make the Kingdom an independent sovereign