Mares Distributor

We are Mares distributor in Jordan!

We are happy to announce that Coral Garden Diving Center and Shop became official distributor of Mares in Jordan.

Mares is a top manufacturer of scuba diving products and equipment. The company came into existence in 1949 in Rapallo, Italy. Ludovico Mares is the founder of the company. With more than 60 years of experience in scuba diving industry, the company has established a brand name due to its high quality products. Mares has hit the market by storm with its innovative designs, technical approach and quality assurance methods in its offerings. Scuba diving is an excellent vacation outdoor activity. With all the important tactics you have learned for diving, the experience will not be good enough if you lack the necessary equipment. So get our quality, snorkel, fins and scuba masks since they are key items to make your diving experience successful.

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Mares distributor