Scuba diving for beeginners

Have you ever thought about trying scuba diving? Then a try dive might be the best option for you. It is just sounds like “Try”. With Coral Garden Diving Center you will have full introduction to the underwater world, you will know how to use all equipment, how to breathe underwater, how to equalize your ears, basic hand signals and a lot of other questions about scuba diving. Try Dive takes just a half day – morning or afternoon. We run try dives every day. 

Try Dive will let you experienced this amazing feeling similar to weightlessness of the outer space. And you will be in the middle of the amazing underwater marine life! Be careful! A lot of you will fall in love with it, and many of you will continue the learning and start Open Water Course (learn more).

Are you worried that you cannot do it? You will see that it’s not difficult. In our diving center you will find the best conditions to start your new life as a diver. We always conduct try dives with professional instructor so that you feel comfortable and confident underwater and you can enjoy  your first experience as a diver. We enter to the water from the beach so that you have plenty of time to get used to the new equipment and new way of breath. We practice the breathing with a regulator first swimming on the surface and you can take your time to adapt  to is as we are never in a rush. Then we start descending, first to 1 meter and then deeper and deeper till we reach 6-7 meters depth. And here you will find yourself surrounded be fishes, corals and marine animals. 

An introduction to scuba diving in a supervised and relaxed manner.  During three hours of fun and adventure your qualified diving instructor will brief you and complete scuba diving theory demonstrations, then let you practice some basic skills in confined water. This is followed by a shallow  dive to maximum depth of 7 meters.

Underwater time approximately  30-35 minutes.

Maximum number of divers for 1 instructor is 2 divers to 1 instructor.

You don’t need prior experience for this; you don’t even need to be able to swim!

Anybody  above the age of 8 can dive. 

If you have always fancied scuba diving, or only just thought about it, it’s a great way to find out if it’s for you. Our Try Dives are really popular if you are limited in time and just want to have a go. We are waiting for you!