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A travel journey to Jordan 

A travel journey that is safe and secure Allowing travellers to enjoy authentic and meaningful tourism experiences in Jordan while maintaining strict health protocols

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Diving & Snorkelling in the Red Sea

Due to its ideal water temperatures and shallow waters, The Red Sea is one of the world’s premier locations for diving. Aqaba has multiple dive sites that provide surreal experiences of submerged boats, a tank, and even a Hercules C103 aeroplane.

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nemo fish in red sea
Cedar Pride shipwreck dive site aqaba red sea, diving Aqaba

Cedar pride dive site

The cedar Pride was scuttled for divers on November 16th 1985. The ship now lies on her port side across two reefs; the soft coral growth on the masts is fantastic. Those with experience can explore its interior!

Contact information/ how to book:
Contact a local licensed dive center to book this experience

Aqaba under water military museum

The world's first underwater military museum is just off the shores of Aqaba. A total of 19 pieces of hardware are all in "battle formation" and include tanks of different sizes, an ambulance, a military crane, a troop carrier, anti-aircraft guns and a combat helicopter. 

Contact a local licensed dive center to book this experience

Hercules C130 red sea aqaba

C-130 dive site

The Marine Park's latest attraction was scuttled on the 16th of November 2017 and has already become the divers' favourite. After a major ceremony organized by ASEZA and attended by international media and visitors, the aircraft's final resting place lies close to several popular dive sites.

Japanese garden dive site

This dive site has amazing flora and fauna and all at shallow depths! It’s very popular with snorkelers and is known as one of the prettiest areas in Aqaba. It is a good dive for all, as it has Hawksbill Turtles, shoaling Barracuda, shoals of sergeant majors and fusiliers plus wonderful coral formations.

military museum

Jordan kingdom of time

explore Jordan is a country of hikers and historians, scientists and artists, foodies and yoga friends. Whatever your tribe, you’ll find a kindred spirit here.

A travel journey to Jordan

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