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Scubastore | Diving shop Aqaba

In Coral Garden Scubastore - diving shop Aqaba in Jordan, we offer you a range of diving products from leading brands such as Mares and more. In Coral Garden Scubastore we think not just about selling the best diving equipment. But also about giving the right advice and communication. With over 10 years of diving experience, our team of expert instructors in dive courses and PADI. We can help you to choose the right equipment for divers, snorkelers, and all water sports enthusiasts who can enjoy shopping. We offer everything you need for your diving trips. Such as snorkelling gear, diving suits, diving computers, diving regulators, diving masks, fins and always at the best price. In addition, we offer you the best experience.


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Scubastore | Diving shop Aqaba

Coral Garden Diving shop Aqaba always looking the ways to improve your experience in-store, using the latest technology to provide you with the most detailed product information. When you buy at our store, your satisfaction guaranteed. Our dive instructors, who have scuba certification, can set your scuba gear before it is given to you and also perform repairs with our guarantee service. Our goal is to provide everybody with the knowledge they need to make an informed and unbiased purchase.

The lowest price guaranteed diving equipment. Looking for cheap scuba gear? With so many choices and prices is hard to resist. Because we are Mares Distributor in Jordan! As a scuba diver, this is your hit. You join? Take your chance to buy diving equipment in Aqaba! Visit diving shop Aqaba!

Also, you can preorder any goods from Mares catalogue

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Everything Under One Roof

Whether you’re new to diving or a seasoned pro, every dive and diver is different. Our scuba equipment list is meant to help you become a better diver. While most of the products listed above can be applied universally, choosing the specific product for you will vary depending on your activity and skill set.

Coral Garden Diving Shop
Coral Garden Diving Shop

For a new diver, buying scuba gear is the final step, the act that says "I'm committed to really enjoying diving." But if you're newly certified, how are you supposed to know what scuba gear to buy?

The below list is an overview of gear, but be sure to consult us for the right gear to match your dive plans.

Welcome to Coral Garden Diving Center and Scuba Store, your go-to destination for top-notch diving equipment and accessories. As authorized dealers of Coltri products, we specialize in providing professionals with cutting-edge compressors and service parts

Scuba Spare Parts, Your scuba diving adventures will only be as good as the condition of your gear. Maintaining your scuba gear goes a long way towards ensuring you are ready for your next dive. By having the right scuba parts and tools on hand, you can keep all of your gear, in good condition, and you ensure that your next dive goes off without a hitch.

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