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Coral Garden Scubastore - Your Dive Destination

Scubastore Aqaba - BCD Regulators Computers at Coral Garden Scubastore is your ultimate destination for premium diving gear in Aqaba, Jordan. We proudly showcase top brands such as Mares and more, offering an extensive range of equipment at competitive prices.

Our team, with over a decade of diving experience and PADI certifications, is here to assist divers, snorkelers, and water sports enthusiasts. From snorkeling gear to diving suits, computers, regulators, masks, and fins, we have everything you need for underwater adventures.

But it's not just about gear; it's about creating an exceptional experience. When you visit Scubastore Aqaba for BCDs, regulators, and computers, expect top-notch service in a welcoming atmosphere.

We constantly enhance your in-store experience with the latest technology, ensuring you have comprehensive product information. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and our certified dive instructors can set up your scuba gear and provide repair services with guarantees.

Our mission is to empower you with knowledge, enabling informed purchasing decisions. We offer the lowest prices on diving equipment, making us your ultimate choice for affordable scuba gear. As a Mares Distributor in Jordan, we deliver unbeatable value.

Ready to dive in? Acquire top-notch diving gear in Aqaba by visiting our dive shop today. And remember, you can also pre-order items from the Mares catalogue to get precisely what you need.

Scubastore Aqaba - BCD ,Regulators ,Computers and more

Coral Garden Scubastore invites you to dive deeper into our world of diving equipment. While we offer a wide range of BCDs, regulators, and computers, there's much more to discover when you visit us. Explore our full selection and dive into the complete diving experience.


bcd rover
  • UV protected 1000 denier Cordura® for durability.
  • Height adjustable shoulder buckle for a tailored fit.
  • Specially designed octopus and pressure gauge pockets for convenience.
  • Backpack with a handle for easy transport.
  • Adjustable cummerbund for a secure fit.
  • High buoyancy lift for excellent buoyancy control.
  • Color & size identification for quick recognition.

Price: 200 JD

BCD Guardian


• Ergotrim technology allows the diver to adjust buoyancy no matter the diving position
• The Ergo command can be used like a ‘classic’ inflator by an instructor when teaching, but will work as an Airtrim when in its dedicated holder
• The aircell is separated from the shoulders, meaning greater comfort in the shoulder area when inflated
• Monoplate backpack fits single or double tanks
• 50mm swivel buckles
• Stainless steel D-rings
• Adjustable cummerbund
• Smart trim weight positioning
• SLS weight system
• Visual confirmation of proper weight pouch insertion
• Personalizable label on weight pockets
• An integrated slot allows the diver to add a line cutter with the optional color kit available to purchase separately

price 520JD

XR-Rec Trim Single Backmount Set

  •  A 17 litre, 1000D Cordura, single backmount bladder
  • The lower part of the bladder is longer compared to traditional bladders for greater buoyancy in the lower back area
  •  Ergonomic overpressure valve placement facilitates use in all diving positions
  •  Quick waist strap adjustment - a quick and easy solution for achieving the ideal trim
  •  Buckles on both shoulder straps
  •  Independent shoulder and waist straps for quick, easy adjustment

price 450JD

Rock-Pro BCD

  • Strong and durable
  • Integrated weight system
  • Perfect fit thanks to enveloping shoulder straps
  • Anatomical pocket cut to minimise water resistance during a dive
  • Right pocket includes an internal elastic strap for accessory clips
  • Padded back panel
  • Strategically placed steel D-rings
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly

Price 450JD

 Smart Dive Computer

  • Full-featured Nitrox dive computer with two-gas capability.
  • Bottom timer mode with resettable average depth and stopwatch.
  • Extensive logbook capacity, storing over 40 hours of dive profile data at a 5-second sampling rate (SCUBA), with memory function for freediving.
  • Decompression dive planner with an additional surface interval function.
  • Firmware upgradeable for future enhancements.
  • Complete watch functions, including stopwatch, wake-up alarm, second time zone, and date.
  • User-replaceable battery for convenience.
  • Dedicated freediving mode (APNEA) with alarms.
  • Please note that the interface and software for downloading to a PC are not included.

Price: 200 JD

puck-pro Computer

  •  allows you to handle multi-mix dives with up to two Nitrox blends (21-99%). The 3-line layout ensures clean, clear and understandable readability, thanks to the traditional segment display.
  •  The logbook is guaranteed for 35 hours with a 5-second sampling rate dive profile. It can be used in depth gauge mode with resettable average depth and with the use of a stopwatch.
    The upgradable firmware and user-replaceable battery make maintenance minimal and truly accessible to all, without any technical support.
  • allows you to download the dive data recorded by Mares computers directly to your smartphone, without the use of cables and connectors.

Price:150 JD


  • ZH-L16C algorithm with gradient factors and predictive multigas
  •  Nitrox and trimix capable, up to 5 gases
  •  MIP color, high-resolution display
  •  Full tilt digital compass with bearing memory and stopwatch
  •  Hoseless tank data integration for up to five transmitters
  •  Color coded tank pressure for at-a-glance readability
  •  Bottom timer mode with resettable average depth and stopwatch
  •  Decompression dive planner with additional surface interval function
  •  100 dive logbook with multiple graphs
  •  Tissue saturation and dive profile graph
  •  Smart battery management system with 30 hours dive time per full charge (without the use of the transmitter)
  •  Bluetooth connection for direct connection to a smartphone
  •  Underwater menu allows certain settings to be changed during the dive
  •  Future deco and runaway deco alarm
  •  Three watch faces plus color options
  •  Changeable strap for use with any wetsuit thickness
  •  Wireless charging base

Price:450 JD

Regulator ROVER 2S

Mares Regulator Rover 2s Aqaba

1st Stage:

  • Lightweight, sturdy, and compact design.
  • Piston control for consistent performance.
  • Dedicated place for RFID chip.

2nd Stage:

  • VAD system with fluid dynamic deflector for smooth airflow.
  • Mid-size for versatility.
  • Mesh grid for durability.
  • Rubber hose for flexibility.
  • Oversized purge button for easy clearing.

Price: 250 JD



for front and side reading, built with scratch-resistant polycarbonate protection. Soft ergonomic strap made of high resistance techno polymer.

  • Oil-bath
  • Lateral reading window
  • Wrist console.

Price 55JD

Regulator ROVER 15x


1st Stage :

  • The 15X balanced diaphragm first stage has a DFC port and pre-oriented ports making it perfect for the octopus configuration as well. Very compact with a sandblasted finish.
    The DIN300 balanced diaphragm first stage weighs 598g. The INT version weighs 772 g.

2nd Stage:

  • The Rover second stage guarantees high performance, even after intensive use. The new large purge button features a 'dynamic hinge' design, which makes purging easy, even with a single finger. It also prevents free flow in the event of strong currents and is made of a durable rubber material that can withstand over 113,000 venting cycles.


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