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Diving instructors in Aqaba Jordan

Diving instructors in Aqaba Jordan Dive into Aqaba's Red Sea beauty with Coral Garden Diving Center! Our experienced team, prime location, and commitment to safety make every dive unforgettable.

Amer Al Beetar

Co-Founder PADI IDC STAFF Instructor

Amer al beetar

Meet Amar, an unwavering sea enthusiast whose childhood fascination with the ocean ignited a lifelong journey. Together with his brother Samer, they've transformed a humble dive shop into a renowned PADI 5-star IDC dive center. But Amar is more than just a teacher; he's a true dream-weaver, orchestrating unforgettable underwater experiences.

His dedication to perfection is a symphony that extends from meticulous equipment maintenance to ensuring every activity is unforgettable. As a certified Mares Lab Instructor, Amar imparts not just knowledge but a deep-sea passion.


Samer Al Beetar

Co-Founder PADI OWSI/EFR Instructor

Samer al beetar

Meet Samer, the wizard of dive equipment care and maintenance. Despite being a professional underwater photographer, he's the unsung hero ensuring our dive shop is stocked with the latest and greatest scuba gear. Samer's meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional customer service forge lasting bonds with our divers, making every visit a memorable experience. Not just a dive instructor, he's also a certified Mares Lab Instructor, imparting his expertise to ensure your dive adventures are equipped with the best gear and practices. Dive into excellence with Samer by your side!

Padi Certificate
PADI certification
Padi 5-star instructor development centre

Meet Our Team Where Passion and the Red Sea Converge

Diving, marine life, and the enchanting Red Sea lifestyle – these are our shared loves. Each member of our team brings their unique expertise, but when we unite, it's all about showcasing our shared values. Our commitment to excellence ensures you receive nothing less than the finest diving experiences in Aqaba

Rawan Front Desk Shop Coordinator

Front Desk Shop Coordinator

Rawan puts her love for diving to use as an office receptionist, overseeing all logistical aspects of the dive shop’s operations.
From welcoming big groups to organizing the perfect VIP tour package, she will help you with your booking needs for the best diving experience in Aqaba.

Marwah Front Desk Center Coordinator

Front Desk Center Coordinator

Our front desk coordinator Marwah. has demonstrated that she is very valuable. She has a formal education in billing and coding. She will be the first person you encounter at the office, and she will be your best source for scheduling appointments and obtaining information about billing and payment options.

Balqees Quomsieh Social media

Balqees Quomsieh
Social media

Balqees is our talented social media specialist, responsible for curating all the captivating photos and videos on our social media platforms. Her mission is clear: to enchant you with the enchanting underwater realm and entice you to explore the coral-rich waters of Aqaba.

professional Open water scuba diver instructor

Hani Hamoud
PADI OWSI/EFR Instructor

No matter your level of experience, Hani is the person to go to if you want to develop your diving abilities or increase your comfort in the water. He's not just a dive instructor; he's a mentor who has taught and certified numerous students over the years. Hani has mastered the art of instilling confidence in the water and nurturing a profound appreciation for marine life in every diver. Dive in with Hani and discover the underwater world like never before!

natalia dive instructor


hailing from Russia, captivated by the Red Sea. Starting as a dive master, she evolved into an IDC Staff Instructor, globetrotting while nurturing her love for the Red Sea's underwater world. Her passion spans both the technical aspects of diving and the mesmerizing marine life it unveils.

Hisham PADI assist instructor

PADI assist instructor

whose fascination with the underwater world started with his first breath beneath the waves. His journey led him to become an assistant instructor, gaining experience in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and beyond. Now, he's back in the Red Sea, fulfilling his dream of becoming an instructor, driven by his Jordanian roots.

PADI Diving Courses in Aqaba

Lance Bauer
PADI OWSI/EFR Instructor

Lance's unwavering passion for the underwater realm has ignited a remarkable journey in his life. His profound fascination with the ocean has not only driven him to immerse himself in its depths but also to share his boundless love for it with others. At our dive center, Lance serves as the beacon for those seeking to embark on their own underwater odyssey. With Lance as your mentor, you'll receive expert guidance and training, ensuring you become a skilled and confident diver.

Corals and Marine life sites in aqaba

PADI Divemaster

Mahmoud After taking his first breath underwater,  instantly fell in love with the sea and decided to pursue a career in diving. Mahmoud enjoys making new friends and showing divers around the wonderful reefs of Aqaba. He’s currently a divemaster but looks forward to becoming a PADI instructor one day.

Fares PADI Divemaster, Boat Crew

PADI Divemaster, Boat Crew

Begun as a commercial diver and Welder Fitter, Fares had his inaugural dive in the Red Sea, unveiling the captivating underwater world and sparking a newfound clarity within him. Now, he's passionate about sharing his love for diving and advocating for the conservation of our underwater realm.

Private boat trip


Husam manages various tasks at the dive shop, such as rinsing and storing equipment. Additionally, he provides transportation from your hotel to the dive center and handles other responsibilities while ensuring his bus is ready for any duties.

coral garden team

Maintenance Supervisor

Ayub Ayub's presence at Coral Garden helps us give our visitors the best experience possible thanks to his meticulous attention to detail and ability to fix almost anything. Ayub is the one who knows our tools the best. His commitment to his work and team is unmatched, as is his energy.

Mohammed Boat Crew, Snorkelling Guide

Boat Crew, Snorkelling Guide

Mohammed is one of the first friendly faces  He is very knowledgeable about the local area and is always on hand to help with any little thing you may need. and although he doesn’t say too much, Be ready for the best snorkelling excursion Aqaba has to offer!

Private boat trip


A legend in the area is Captain Mohammed. He is a very capable boat captain with more than 30 years of knowledge of the Gulf of Aqaba. He loves the sea and the history of the region, and he wants you to fall in love with and spend time in Aqaba in particular.

Ahmad Logistics supervisor

Logistics supervisor

Ahmad, our handyman, is responsible for taking care of various tasks around the dive shop. This includes rinsing and storing equipment and ensuring that tanks are properly loaded to provide you with an ample air supply during your dives. Ahmad is always ready to offer assistance, enhancing the comfort of your dive trip.

Mohammed Help Boat Crew

Help Boat Crew

Meet Mohammed, a motivated and cheerful team member always ready to help. Recently bitten by the diving bug, he's on a quest to earn certifications and dreams of becoming a certified Diving instructors in Aqaba Jordan. Watch out for Mohammed as he rises in the world of diving!

Explore Aqaba's Underwater Wonders with Coral Garden

girl analysing the nitrox present in tanks

Unlock the Best of Aqaba's Underwater World with Coral Garden Diving Center

Discover why Coral Garden Diving Center is your ideal choice for an exceptional diving and snorkelling experience in Aqaba, Jordan:

  1. PADI-Certified Excellence: As a PADI #27943 Dive Center, we hold the highest authorization. With over a decade of diving expertise, our dedicated team of Instructors and Divemasters ensures your underwater adventure is both safe and unforgettable.
  2. Convenient Transportation: We offer complimentary transportation from the heart of Aqaba to our dive shop, making your journey to the Red Sea hassle-free and enjoyable.
  3. Top-Notch Air Quality: Our state-of-the-art compressors from BAUER and ALKIN provide you with pure, safe air and Nitrox fills, ensuring your dives are as safe as they are exhilarating.
  4. Premium Gear: Dive with confidence using our brand-new snorkeling and diving equipment. We take pride in offering the latest and best gear to enhance your underwater experience.
  5. Mares Authorized Distributor: Coral Garden is Jordan's authorized distributor for Mares, the renowned Italian company known for producing world-class diving equipment. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned diver, we carry the full range of Mares gear to meet your needs.
  6. Quality Beyond Compare: MARES is a globally recognized leader in high-quality diving gear, and our commitment to providing you with their equipment ensures you dive with the very best.

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