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Snorkelling trip Aqaba, Jordan

Join our snorkelling trip in Aqaba, Jordan! Put a mask and snorkel on, dip your head beneath the sea's surface, and marvel at the amazing world beneath the waves. If you have never snorkelled before, then you are in for a treat. Seeing fish in an aquarium or on TV is nothing compared to seeing them in all their vibrant colours in their natural habitat.

female make snorkeling

Our snorkelling trips start with a briefing from our experienced snorkel guides. After checking that you are comfortable with the snorkelling gear, they will guide you around one of Aqaba’s beautiful snorkelling spots, pointing out the site’s highlights and any interesting marine creature you might encounter!

Snorkelling is the perfect activity for the whole family. While you do not have to be a great swimmer, you do need to be comfortable in the water. If you need extra help with your buoyancy, we have life jackets, floats, and wet suits at your disposal.

Kids especially love snorkelling, so make this one of the highlights of your family holiday here in beautiful Aqaba. Once they’ve been snorkelling, they’ll be full of stories to tell, with fish of all the sizes and colours of the rainbow.

female make free dive next the corals

Snorkelling trip Aqaba, Jordan


There are numerous snorkelling opportunities in Aqaba. Japanese Gardens, Seven Sisters, Tank, Cable reef, Airplane Hercules C130, and many more are a few of the most well-known snorkelling locations. Find out more about Aqaba's snorkelling locations.

We offer shore and boat snorkelling excursions.

Shore excursions are more adaptable and can work better with YOUR schedule. Choose a shore snorkelling trip, for instance, if you have to return to shore on time or are not free in the morning. Don't worry, Aqaba has pristine corals that begin within the first few meters of the water, so you do not need a boat to see incredible corals and vibrant fish.


if you like boat trips that last at least four hours, you can visit two or three snorkelling spots. Additionally, we organize individual and group boat trips on our own.

Our 20-meter luxury boat has everything you need for relaxing, snorkelling, and scuba diving. Regular departure times from Ayla 5* Marina are 9 or 10 am. We set sail along the stunning coastline of Aqaba, taking in all the breathtaking sights the Red Sea has to offer, so feel free to unwind or join us underwater to explore the fascinating marine life that Aqaba has to offer.

Destiny Boat

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Would you like to try scuba diving? The time is right for this. No previous experience is necessary! Learn more about trying scuba diving experiences in Aqaba.