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Private Dive Guide Aqaba, Jordan

Private Dive Guide are you an avid diver who wants to improve? Or do you require a qualified divemaster or instructor? Do you need active assistance with shore entry techniques and gear preparation? So we offer private diving for you!

We provide excellent service for you, your family, or your group with qualified private diving tours. There are also reasonably priced private instructors or divemasters.

Diving in Aqaba

With our VIP tour experience, you will visit the most well-known diving locations. Please let us know which areas you are considering. We can create a special Jordanian experience by considering your interests in particular dive sites.

Whether it is day or night, we offer a private dive guide to join you. The private diving guide service can tailor to your experience, comfort level and other wishes

military museum

Private Dive Guide Aqaba, Jordan

Aqaba has unique conditions for shore diving: calm sea, overall easy access and coral reefs starts from the 1 meter. We have selected a few dive sites which are ideal to dive with your private dive guide. Either because the sea entry is a little more tricky or because the site offers some unique underwater features.

our diver instructor

Have Fun, with your dive guide

Private diving or snorkeling trip include transportation from hotel or dive center, full gear ( fins, mask, wet suit, BCD, regulator, tank, weights), tea, coffee and ratio 1 diver to 1 instructor/divemaster. The private diving is ideal for individuals, children, not confident divers, couples, families and friends. For people who want to enjoy diving in their own private group with absolute safety (ratio 1 diver to 1 instructor) and flexible scheduling.

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