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Scubastore Aqaba - Wetsuits and Boots

At Coral Garden Scubastore, the premier diving shop in Aqaba, Jordan, we proudly offer a wide range of diving products from top brands like Mares and more. Our commitment goes beyond merely selling the finest diving equipment; we prioritize providing expert advice and fostering effective communication with our customers.

With over a decade of experience in diving, our team comprises seasoned instructors skilled in dive courses and PADI certifications. We are here to assist you in selecting the perfect gear, whether you're a diver, snorkeler, or water sports enthusiast. At our store, you'll find everything you need for your diving adventures, including snorkeling gear, diving suits, diving computers, regulators, masks, and fins, and always at competitive prices.

But it's not just about the equipment; it's about the experience. When you visit our Scubastore Aqaba for wetsuits and boots, you can expect top-notch service and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Coral Garden Diving Shop in Aqaba is continually seeking ways to enhance your in-store experience, utilizing the latest technology to provide comprehensive product information. When you make a purchase at our store, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our certified dive instructors can even set up and service your scuba gear, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Our mission is to empower everyone with the knowledge they need to make well-informed and unbiased purchasing decisions. Plus, we guarantee the lowest prices on diving equipment. If you're searching for affordable scuba gear, you've come to the right place. As a Mares Distributor in Jordan, we offer unbeatable value.

Are you ready to dive in? Seize the opportunity to acquire quality diving equipment in Aqaba. Visit our diving shop today!

And don't forget, you can also pre-order any items from the Mares catalogue to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for.

Dive Boots CLASSIC NG 5mm

Dive boots CLASSIC NG 5mm MARES
  • Wide toe cap for enhanced comfort.
  • Levelled sole for stability.
  • 5mm thickness for added insulation and warmth.

Price: 30 JD


Dive Boots 2mm Equator

Boots for diving
  • Short Top Slip-On Design for ease of use.
  • Ideal for warm water diving.
  • Made from warm 2mm Nylon 2 Neoprene material.
  • Versatile non-slip rubber sole for various water sports.
  • Designed for both diving and water sports enthusiasts.

Price: 25JD





New Mares sandal ideal for leisure time for all occasions.
The structure of the upper consists of a lightweight, anatomical band.

Price: 15JD



Dive boot-flexa
  •  Exclusive DS drainage system
  •  Also suitable for long distances
  •  Black 6.5mm neoprene
  •  Rubber sole"

Price 57JD


  • Perfect fit and freedom of movement.
  • Extra-long front zipper for easy wear.
  • Superstretch neoprene for arm flexibility.
  • Durable polyurethane protection.
  • Convenient ankle zips.
  • Venting hood with wide face opening.
  • Crafted entirely in ultrastretch material.
  • Available in various sizes, including children's and large sizes.
  • Color & size identification system.

Price: 120 JD



  • Perfect fit and flexibility
  • Extra-long front zipper for easy wear
  • Superstretch neoprene for arms
  • Durable polyurethane protection
  • Ankle zips for convenience
  • Venting hood with wide face opening
  • Crafted in ultra stretch material
  • Available in various sizes, including children's and large sizes
  • Colour & size identification system

Price: 130 JD


Wetsuit ROVER 3mm Shorty 

shorty wetsuit


  • Perfect fit and unrestricted movement.
  • Extra-long front zipper for effortless wearing and removal.
  • Superstretch neoprene ensures maximum arm flexibility.
  • Crafted entirely from ultra-stretch material.

Price: 65 JD


ROVER 3mm Overall without Hood

ROVER 3mm Overall without Hood
  • Exceptional fit and freedom of movement.
  • Superstretch neoprene ensures maximum arm flexibility.
  • Convenient ankle zips for easy wear.
  • Crafted entirely from ultrastretch material for enhanced comfort.

Price: 110 JD

The Evolution men's wetsuit


• A new, exclusive Mares design
• Ultra-elastic neoprene for easy donning and doffing and improved comfort when diving
• Glideskin on the inside of the cuffs and ankles for a perfect fit
• Anti-scratch closure design
• Reinforced knee pads with a dedicated design
• A grip area on the shoulders for greater comfort when wearing a BCD
• A grip area on the cuffs to ensure better grip for diving instruments such as computers.

Price: 220JD

Wetsuit Flexa-Graphene

Flexa-Graphene wetsuit
  • Maximum thermal comfort in the most critical areas thanks to the lining fabric, which is soft and warm with the addition of graphene that doesn't let our body heat escape.
  •  Horizontal rear waterproof master-seal zip which is soft and flexible
  •  Zips at the ankles
  •  Knee pads made of supratex
  •  Hood with glide skin on the inside for extra grip and quick release
  •  S-seal technology for increased thermal comfort
  •  Innovative removable pocket
  •  Grip area on the wrists for tool attachment
  •  Easy donning and doffing thanks to ultra-elastic neoprene

price 240JD

women's Horizon 2.0 freediving wetsuit

Horizon free dive suit
  • Smooth and ultra-elastic 2mm material for easy breathing
  •  Internal lining facilitating donning and giving excellent elasticity
  •  Extremely hydrodynamic material for increasing speed in the water
  •  Pre-shaped cut ensuring excellent comfort and fit
  •  New 'hydro-barrier' design for the neck

price 160JD

Pioneer- wetsuit 5mm

  •  Customisable anti-friction closure
  •  Hood exhaust system facilitates air release, optimising compression and comfort
  •  New neck closure with anti-abrasion strap to prevent damage to the wetsuit
  •  Wrists with non-slip panels for better grip of the equipment
  •  D-ring hood on the right leg
  •  Knee pads made of anti-abrasive material

price 205JD

Reef Shorty wetsuit

  •  Lightweight, stylish and great for warm water dives and long hours of snorkelling
  •  High level of finishing on all details including customizable neck closure and back zip puller
  •  Ergonomic strap closure and comfortable back zip puller
  •  Aqua stop finishing on the arms and thighs

Price 85JD

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