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Al Shorouk Wreck Dive Site, Aqaba, Jordan

Name: Al Shorouk Wreck

Dive: Wreck

Depth: max – 38-58 meters / 125-190 feet

Access: boat or shore

Visibility: 10-30 meters

Snorkeling: not available

Al Shorouk wreck

The Landing Ship Al Shorouk, submerged near Eel Canyon and Kirk's Forest, stands as an impressive dive site in its own right. Resting at a depth of approximately 58 meters, with its highest point at 38 meters, the wreck is now adorned with corals and hosts a diverse array of marine life. Divers also have the opportunity to explore the interior of the wreck.

The ship lies on its starboard side, spanning two reefs from west to east, with its bow facing eastward. This positioning allows for depths of over 60 meters to be easily reached beneath the wreck. The Al Shorouk was intentionally scuttled by the Aqaba Marine Park on June 18, 2008.

A buoy marks the bow of the wreck for descent, and after a tour around it, divers are advised to ascend northward for decompression at the renowned M42 Duster tank, located at a depth of 6 meters, to avoid prolonged decompression stops in open water.

This site is ideal for technical divers, although those with deep diving specialities can also explore it from the top.

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wreck site in aqaba, jordan
Al Shorouk Wreck Aqaba

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