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Aqaba is a home for over 200 coral species and a vast marine life. There are a variety of adventure opportunities in this city but Scuba diving in Aqaba is, unarguably, one of the best things to do. So here we will discuss all you need to know about diving in Aqaba.

Why to go scuba diving in Aqaba?

Whether one is just beginning to dive or advanced, the calm waters make it easy for divers to do both shore and boat dives. More than 20 dive sites offer a variety of diving experiences. And snorkelers can enjoy some of the sites due to their proximity from shore and shallow depth. Beginner divers enjoy the Hercules C130 plane. Because it is a beautiful wreck fill with juvenile fishes, lionfish, trunkfish, and soft corals. Just nearby is the M42 Duster tank that sits on a sandy bottom in just 5 – 7 meters of water. The tank is encrusted with corals and also filled with marine life. Close to the tank are also large pinnacles covered with anthias and other smaller fishes. Another favorite is Japanese Gardens. It is a colorful site full of corals, bannerfish, anthias, clownfish, sergeant majors, an occasional turtle and octopus, eels, and macro life.

Underwater tank Duster M42 aqaba

Weather and sea conditions in Aqaba

  • The water temperature in Aqaba is about 26° C in summers and drops to nothing below 20° C in winters. Though Aqaba is a year-round diving destination, September and October are the best months for scuba diving.
  • The prominent diving sites in Aqaba can easily be accessed by road. Located not very far off from these sites are a number of hotels & resorts.
  • The destination is home to 500 species of corals, 1200 species of fish, and over 1000 types of mollusks & other crustaceans.

Aqaba is a beautiful coastal city which is known to have warm waters and very high visibility all throughout the year, and a wide variety of dive sites, making Aqaba one of the best places for scuba divers.  Varied scuba diving sites provide the perfect spot for all levels of scuba divers, especially the first-timers. As the gulf is so narrow and so deep there are no ‘off-shore’ reefs. All the sites accessible from the boat are also possible form the shore, with a few exceptions due to recent development in the area.

The coastline of Aqaba, along with the nearby areas in the city, is lined with myriad stay options. While Lacosta Hotel is a wonderful budget hotel, Oryx Hotel,  Al Manara Hotel and Double Tree hotel by Hilton are the best-in-class accommodations in 4-star and 5-star categories respectively.

ayla old city in aqaba

What else to do in Aqaba?

  • Windsurfing
  • Snorkeling And Scuba Diving
  • Birdwatching
  • Quad Biking
  • Jewellery making

Snorkeling in Aqaba

As mentioned before, most diving is on shore based so it is good for snorkelers too. A lot of the marine park areas also have buoyed-off sections to protect the swimmers from any passing boat traffic. Also, most snorkelers are welcome on dive boats.

The best places for snorkeling from the shore are the First Bay area and the Tank. The first Bay, so-called as it is the first bay after the port, has a beautiful shallow fringing reef right around the bay. The area is surrounded by buoys so no problems with passing boats. It has a small shop on the beach, for snacks and drinks, and 2 dive centers with private beach clubs. The area of the Tank does not have the same amount of facilities available as the First Bay, but again a beautiful fringing reef and of course, the Tank sitting at 5m just 20m from the shore. As the tank is so shallow, it gives even non-divers a chance to see a wreck under the water! Toilet and shower blocks are near the marine park so you are normally only a short walk from them.

Boat trips

From the boat, snorkeling around the Japanese Gardens is a must. A large area of coral and marine life is a beautiful site. A lot of the area is only shallow max of 6m, with pinnacles reaching up to the surface, so snorkelers have a chance to see so much marine life. It is possible from the shore but it is quite a long swim out from the beach, and the area you cross is usually a busy area with the glass bottom boats, so always better to go from the boat.

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