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Unveiling the Enigma of Cedar Pride: Aqaba Legendary Red Sea Shipwreck

Welcome to Coral Garden Diving Center! Here, enthusiasts uncover Aqaba's hidden treasures. In this post, we'll explore the allure of the renowned Aqaba Shipwreck, Cedar Pride, beneath the Red Sea's crystalline waters.

Cedar Pride Shipwreck

Cedar Pride shipwreck dive site aqaba red sea, diving Aqaba

Nestled within the depths of Aqaba's underwater realm, a captivating secret awaits – the Cedar Pride shipwreck. Formerly a Lebanese freighter spanning 75 meters in length, this vessel endured extensive damages due to a devastating fire in 1982. Prompted by a summons from King Abdullah II, the ill-fated ship underwent a profound transformation in 1985, intentionally descending approximately 180 meters from the shoreline. In its new role as an enchanting artificial reef, it now extends a compelling invitation to divers worldwide.

The Cedar Pride Shipwreck History:

Cedar Pride's historical journey, though originating from its construction and initial voyages as a crucial Lebanese freighter, took an unexpected turn. Fate, however, had different intentions. The ship's tragic confrontation with fire in 1982 etched an indelible mark on its narrative, ultimately paving the way for its astonishing evolution into a mesmerizing underwater attraction.

Descend into the Depths of Cedar Pride

Aqaba Shipwreck Cider Pride Map

Embarking on your journey beneath the captivating turquoise surface of the Red Sea, you'll encounter the majestic silhouette of Cedar Pride's hull. Shaped and reshaped by the passage of time and the embrace of the sea,

the vessel's exterior has been embellished with a vibrant tapestry of corals, sponges, and a harmonious orchestra of marine species. The dance between sunlight and shadows upon the ship's architecture gives rise to an otherworldly ambiance, captivating the hearts of both novice and seasoned divers alike.

Embracing Marine Encounters:

Brace yourself for an enchanting experience as you navigate through the ship's labyrinthine passageways and chambers, now inhabited by a diverse array of marine denizens. From the whimsical ballet of clownfish amidst swaying anemones to the graceful patrol of lionfish across the decks, Cedar Pride presents an immersive window into the captivating theater of underwater life.


Here are the Essential Details Aqaba Shipwreck Ceder Pride:

  • Diving Skill Level: Suitable for divers of all skill levels (certification prerequisites may vary)
  • Depth: Plunge into depths ranging approximately from 10 to 27 meters
  • Visibility: Anticipate a typical visibility range of 20 to 40 meters
  • Location: Pinpointed at GPS coordinates 29°25.852’N, 34°58.375’E
  • Highlights: Explore Cargo Holds, Air Pockets, Superstructure, Crow’s Nest, Engine Room, and Propeller

Safeguarding Aqaba's Heritage: With reverence for the ocean's legacy, responsible diving practices are paramount when exploring Cedar Pride. By treating this underwater gem with care, we ensure the preservation of its historical significance and the delicate marine ecosystem it now nurtures.

wreck site in aqaba
Cedar Pride shipwreck dive site aqaba red sea, diving Aqaba

Commence Your Adventure Today! Embark on this unparalleled underwater journey without hesitation. Plunge into the legacy of Cedar Pride alongside us, and uncover a realm unlike any other. For inquiries, booking details, and deeper insights into the extraordinary diving experiences we provide in Aqaba, feel free to reach out.

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