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Aqaba Red Sea Temperatures

Aqaba Red Sea Temperatures
(Average daytime temperature and sea water temperature at depth)

The month of the yearDaytime Air Temperaturewater temperatureWhat diving suit to wear
January20 C22 CFull suit with a hood if have
February23 C21 CFull suit with a hood if have
March26 C21 CFull suit with a hood if have
April28 C22 CFull suit with a hood if have
May30 C23 CFull suit
June35 C24 CFull suit
July38 C26 CShorty suit 
August40 C27 CShorty suit 
September37 C27 CShorty suit 
October30 C25 CFull suit
November25 C24 CFull suit 
December20 C23 CFull suit 


Aqaba Red Sea Temperatures
Aqaba Jordan water Temperature sml Aqaba Red Sea

Aqaba Red Sea Temperatures

Sufficient exposure protection will vary from person to person, the above recommendations are a guide on where to start. In summer short suits 3mm thickness is usually enough and for full suits in the Spring 5mm. Whatever the exposure protection you bring with you remember that a hood can make a huge difference in the cooler months (also protection for the head in overhead environments!) and in the warmer months a skin suit or lycra body suit can protect you from stings in midwater from various plankton or stuff that other divers have inadvertently stirred up! If you are tec diving with us remember that the long dive times usually between 1 and 2 hours will require more exposure protection than the average recreational dive. Temperature differential at depth is never more than a couple of degrees,

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