Black Rock Aqaba, Jordan

Black Rock dive site, Aqaba, Jordan

Name: Black Rock Aqaba

Dive: Reef

Max Depth – 45 meters / 150 feet

Access: boat or shore

Visibility: 10-30 meters

Snorkeling: available

black rock aqaba

Black Rock dive site provides very easy access. It is ideal for snorkelers and anyone who is new to the area. Hence a coral garden starts just below the surface and extends outwards for approximately 30m when it drops away steeply.

The northern side of Wreck Bay, adjacent to the former Tourist Camp. Entry at a gravel and shingle point, swim out and pick up the reef on the right and swim down to the planned depth, usually around 25m. Heading north there are immense coral slopes and valleys with large black coral “bushes”. Marine life - Emperor, Snapper, Crocodile Fish, Lyre Tail, small Trigger Fish, Wrasse, Parrot Fish, Lion Fish, Scorpion Fish, Box Fish, many Butterfly Fish and regularly visited by Turtles.

The reef has a prolific number of fish and if you are lucky you may see one of the turtles that frequent this site. A new highlight of this dive site is, beneath the new jetty at Club Berenice, shoals of small fish gather providing food for many predators such as Lionfish and Barracuda.

Look carefully and you will find several Frogfish perched on the pier legs. The sea grass area to the South is worth a visit where one can find many grey Morays and the occasional Seahorse. Heading North, there are immense coral slopes and valleys with large black coral "bushes". This is frequented by Hawksbill turtles.

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