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Blue coral Aqaba

Blue Coral Aqaba Jordan dive site is named for the abundance of blue corals found here. The site has a nice mix of sea-grass beds and sandy patches. Three main spurs of coral reefs run to shore. They start at around 10m and extend to 50m.

Easily accessible from the shore, a flat piece of "slab" marks the entrance of this unusual site. A short swim across the grass down to 12m is where the reef starts.

Blue Coral dive site is available for all certification levels.

Name: Blue Coral dive site

Dive: Reef

Max Depth – 36 meters / 120 feet

Access: Boat & Shore

Visibility: 10-30 meters

Snorkeling: available

blue-coral reef site

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accessible off Tala Bay by boat and beach. A photographer's dream location, too. Beautiful delicate coral is developing on the jetty. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to see a diversity of marine life, such as sting rays, turtles, sea horses, and nudibranchs.

The profusion of blue corals in the region inspired the naming of this location. Three coral spikes make up the terrain. Corals begin at about 10 metres and go out to 50 meters, with shallow gaps between. To the shoreward side, there is a green area, and this grass runs for 30 metres down the middle of the gullies.
A circle reef at the south reef is home to some lovely black coral plants. Each spur has a number of tiny pinnacles at the summit, and a wide variety of Nudibranchs are abundant here.

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Blue coral Aqaba

Coral Garden Diving Center Opening Times:

Monday - Sunday: 9 AM - 7 PM

On request, we are open earlier/later for sunrise, sunset & night dives.

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