Bubblemaker course in Aqaba, Jordan

Why not give kids a taste of fun of bubblemaker course? We make youngsters familiar with the sensation of diving under professional instructor’s guidance. Enroll your kids for Bubblemaker course in Aqaba, Jordan!

a little boy enjoying the Dive

Program Details

PADI Bubblemaker Course Aqaba, Jordan. This is what it does for you.

Bubblemaker does what it says. From the age of 8 children are familiar with breathing underwater and blowing bubbles with their scuba gear in shallow water. Kids must be comfortable in the water, but no prior experience is necessary. Also at Coral Garden Diving Center we appreciate parental approval and guidance.
This is what the child gets familiar with, having lots of laughter and fun. They feel diving sensation under the guidance of our professional staff, teaching them underwater comfort in shallow surroundings.
Bubblemaker diving contributes to a healthy and active lifestyle. Physical activity enhances healthy growth. It adds to collecting and encouraging social skills in small groups. It can even help children to overcome their insecurity.
We can even organize a cute Bubblemaker event with the children of your friends and family.
This is how you qualify.
To enroll, a child must be 8 years old or older. Your kid must be comfortable in the water and not be afraid. Kids do not prior experience. We can make them feel comfortable. Parental approval required. It mean that your presence is an unconditional requirement.

This is what you will learn.

During the program, the kids will learn how to cope with scuba gear during a basic introduction. Also they will be taught to clear their mask and their regulator. Furthermore they will learn to understand the do’s and don’ts of breathing underwater. We advise the children in each and every aspect of diving.

We call our young students Bubblemakers. First of all they will learn to appreciate diving under strict surveillance of our professionals. The equipment they will use is geared to their size to make them feel even more comfortable.

The kids will take their first breaths underwater in confound water surroundings with water shallower than 2 meters.

PADI Bubblemaker Course Aqaba, Jordan. This is how can you start.

Before going on holidays you can contact a PADI office in your country to get to know what the program is all about. In once you have successfully taken part, kids will reward with a genuine and official Bubblemaker certificate to decorate their room!

a little boy enjoying the Dive