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Cedar Pride

The Cedar Pride is the wreck of a Lebanese freighter sunk in 1985 as an artificial reef at the request of King Abdullah II. This site is one of the most famous wreck sites in Jordan and the Red Sea.

With 35 years of coral growth, one can expect to see a wide array of hard and soft coral, as well as other marine life, with the Crow's Nest featured as a major highlight for divers and photographers alike. The Crow’s Nest was formerly the place for crew to stand and keep lookout and has since transformed to resemble a vibrant, overgrown hanging basket. The combination of colorful growth against a deep, clear blue sea backdrop makes this one of the most photographed portions of the wreck.

The  Cedar Pride wreck is home to a diverse ecosystem  of marine life consistent with rest of the Red Sea. Lionfish, scorpionfish and moray eels are frequently spotted around the wreck and the coral growth. Occasionally one may spot snapper, barracuda, and hawksbill turtles as these are common along Aqaba's reefs and have been known to venture toward the wreck.

Nestled between Rainbow Reef and the Japanese Gardens, the 74m-long wreck boasts a maximum depth of 28m while the more shallow area sits at 10m of depth. Thanks to the usually calm and relaxed conditions of the Red Sea, this wreck is ideal for beginner and intermediate divers to explore. Although, as the wreck is mostly intact, it is highly recommended to have advanced diver certification in order to fully enjoy all this spectacular wreck has offer.

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