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Discover the Wonders of Aqaba's Red Sea Dive with Coral Garden!

Discover the Wonders of Aqaba's Red Sea Dive with Coral Garden! Welcome to Coral Garden, your gateway to the breathtaking underwater world of Aqaba, Jordan. As a PADI Five Star Instructor Development Center, we take immense pride in offering an unforgettable scuba diving experience that caters to both beginners and seasoned divers alike. Situated along the stunning Red Sea coast, Aqaba is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, abundant marine life, and mesmerizing coral reefs.

Why Choose Coral Garden Dive Center?

  • Unmatched Dive Center and Scuba Store: At Coral Garden, we don't just offer incredible diving experiences; we are also your one-stop shop for top-quality dive equipment. Our scuba store boasts an impressive range of new and well-maintained dive gear, and our professional team is here to provide expert advice and assist you in finding the perfect fit.
  • Diverse Dive Trips: Whether you prefer exploring from shore or venturing further into the open sea, our dive trips have something for everyone. Experience the thrill of diving from our 23-meter boat, equipped with the latest safety features and offering ample space for up to 65 guests. If you're seeking a more intimate adventure, we also provide private boat trips tailored to your preferences.
  • Nitrox 32% Enriched Air: At Coral Garden, we care about enhancing your diving experience. With Nitrox 32%, you can enjoy longer bottom times and shorter surface intervals, maximizing your time underwater. Our Nitrox Membrane Systems, a German brand, ensure the highest quality gas mixtures for your safety and satisfaction.
  • Passionate and Knowledgeable Team: Our dive masters and instructors are not only certified professionals but also true ocean enthusiasts. They are dedicated to sharing their love for diving and the Red Sea's beauty, making each dive a memorable and educational experience.
  • Commitment to Safety: Your safety is our top priority. Our well-maintained scuba compressors undergo regular filter changes, ensuring you breathe clean and reliable air. We also invest in continuous team training and updates to ensure we stay at the forefront of safety standards and industry best practices.
  • Outstanding Customer Reviews: Don't just take our word for it; see what our satisfied customers have to say! Check out our glowing reviews on Google and TripAdvisor, where our commitment to exceptional service and professionalism shines through.

Discover the Wonders of Aqaba's Red Sea

is a scuba diving equipment configuration which has scuba sets mounted alongside the diver, below the shoulders and along the hips, instead of on the back of the diver.
species of marine angelfish. It is a reef-associated fish, native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans, from the Red Sea to Hawaii and the Austral Islands.
Diving from Boat

Why Visit Aqaba, Jordan?

Aqaba is a true paradise for divers and nature enthusiasts alike. Here are some compelling reasons why you should make Aqaba your next diving destination:

  1. Remarkable Marine Biodiversity: The Red Sea is a haven for marine life, with vibrant coral reefs and a vast array of colorful fish and other sea creatures. Dive into an underwater wonderland unlike any other.
  2. Year-Round Diving: Aqaba's warm climate and clear waters allow for diving adventures all year round. No matter when you visit, you can expect excellent visibility and comfortable water temperatures.
  3. Historical and Cultural Treasures: Beyond the sea, Aqaba offers a rich history and fascinating culture to explore. Discover ancient ruins, immerse yourself in Bedouin traditions, and indulge in delicious local cuisine.
  4. Gateway to Wonders of Jordan: Aqaba's location makes it an ideal starting point for exploring other iconic sites in Jordan, such as the ancient city of Petra and the otherworldly landscapes of Wadi Rum.


Experience Aqaba's Underwater Magic with Coral Garden Dive Center!


Whether you are a seasoned diver or taking your first plunge, Coral Garden offers an unparalleled diving adventure in Aqaba, Jordan. Dive with us to discover the Red Sea's wonders, and let our passionate team create memories that will last a lifetime.

Book your diving experience today at and get ready for an unforgettable journey beneath the waves in Aqaba's pristine waters.

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