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Eel Garden dive site, Aqaba, Jordan

Eel Garden dive site, Aqaba, Jordan Site of the famous ” pinnacle ”. It gets this name after the myriads of garden eels resident in the sand and grass areas here. Probably it is one of the largest populations in the Red Sea! This provides an excellent area for photography. There is a sandy slope down to 20 meters (covered in garden eels – you need to stay still for them to appear). There is a fantastic display of black corals. The pinnacle is covered in an array of soft corals. It is home to many different species of Morays, rare Harlequin Shrimp and Ghost Pipe Fish. Plus lots of GlassFish are protected by Red Toothed Grouper and Lion Fish.

Eel Garden dive site, Aqaba, Jordan Site of the famous " pinnacle"

With easy shore access, the Eel Garden dive site offers a number of surprises.

As well as the obligatory garden eels, this site is home to an assortment of other interesting critters. Crossing the sand and heading left from the shore, there are several coral heads hosting yellow-mouthed morays and anemones.

Eel Garden dive site Aqaba, Jordan

Moray eel fish

Name: Eel Garden Aqaba

Dive: Reef

Depth: max – 35 meters / 115 feet

Access: boat or shore

Visibility: 10-30 meters

Snorkeling: available

Marine life of Eel Garden dive site

A seagrass bed offers a hiding place for many young fish and eels, but keep an eye open for the numerous scorpion fish and lionfish that can be found here.

However, the most outstanding feature is the pinnacle at just 7 m. This is truly a photographer’s paradise. Surrounded by Anthias (Goldfish) and black corals, the pinnacle is a busy cleaning station managed by a giant moray and manned by his team of banded boxer shrimp.

Look carefully, because a galaxy of creatures can be here including frogs and fish. If you dive into this site at night, you are likely to see resident toadfish and the red swimming crabs that hide within the pinnacle’s recesses during the day.

Amazing dive site in Aqaba available for all levels of experience!

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