Gorgone Two Dive Site Aqaba, Jordan

Gorgon Two Dive Site, Aqaba, Jordan

Name: Gorgone Two Aqaba

Dive: Reef

Depth: max – 21 meters / 63 feet

Access: shore or boat

Visibility: 10-30 meters

Snorkeling: available

Gorgone Two

This site is very similar in the richness of it’s corals to Gorgone One dive site. The site get name because of Gorgonia fan-coral sitting at a 21 meters depth.

Gorgone Two Aqaba rated excellent for diving and snorkeling. Dive site also named by two Gorgonian fan corals, which is 20 meters and 29 meters depth. Site locate south of the Gorgonia One. Just left site of the parking area in the Marine Park. This dive site has varieties of pinnacles and reefs with a different shapes and depth. Very interesting pinnacles are in the shallow water. Fire corals at the beginning of the dive, table corals, cabbage and stony or raspberry corals.

Marine life of Gorgone Two dive site Aqaba

Here you can see Moray Eels, Lionfish, Blue Tangs and other surgeon fish. Multiple coral clumps create a small maze giving the diver something to wander leisurely through on their safety stop.

Approximately 500 meters south from Gorgon One. Easy entry onto a shallow grassy area. Swim out a distance of 30 meters to where the reef starts at 2 meters - 3 meters depth. Often Scorpion Fish, Stone Fish and Crocodile Fish available at the base of the reef.

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