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Hercules C130, New Canyon dive site, Aqaba, Jordan

New Canyon  Aqaba and Hercules C130 dive site usually consists of a route around the canyons. Also with a tour around a series of table corals at varying depths. The site has a wide array of coral species and fish including lots of Scorpionfish, Frogfish and Stonefish. In addition to the odd Octopus and large Eel here is a new wreck air plan C130 Hercules.

With an average maximum depth of around 16 meters and a flat bottom. The Hercules is upright and almost level, with a length of 30 meters and a wingspan of around 40 meters. The site is prone to only the lightest of currents.

Hercules C130, New Canyon dive site, Aqaba, Jordan

Name: Hercules C130 wreck, Oliver's Canyon, New Canyon Aqaba

Dive: Reef, wreck

Depth: max – 40 meters / 130 feet

Access: shore or boat

Visibility: 10 - 30 meters

Snorkeling: available

Hercules C130, New Canyon dive site, Aqaba, Jordan

Hercules C130 wreck Aqaba

Hercules C130 military aircraft has scuttled off Aqaba, Jordan to create a new artificial reef for divers in the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea.

The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, in cooperation with the Royal Jordanian Navy and the Aqaba Port Corporation, sank the plane on November 16, 2017. It is approximately 300 meters off the coast.

The Hercules C130 now lies at a depth of around 17 meters. Over time, it became an artificial reef that attracts fish, coral and other marine species as well as divers from all over the world. The Hercules C130’s proximity to the M42 Duster tank wreck also makes it a premiere dive location in the Gulf of Aqaba.

Before the sinking, Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority removed all fuel, oil, paint and hazardous materials from the aircraft. In order to comply with environmental best practices. The aircraft was towed from the Royal Jordanian Air Force’s headquarters in Amman to Aqaba. For repurposed for its new life as an artificial reef.


Hercules C130 from inside, diving in aqaba red sea
Hercules C130 wreck site
Hercules C130 front view, diving in aqaba red sea

New Canyon dive site Aqaba

Sometimes called " New Canyon " although it is very old! New Canyon got its name after German PADI Instructor " Oliver Wolf ". He discovered the site by accident looking for Eel canyon from the shore! Hence the name " New Canyon " by other centres who then saw us diving somewhere new! The dive starts at two blocks of coral known as " the twins ". After having a quick look around here the dive can continue with a circular route around the two canyons. With a tour around the table corals (once referred to as walking through Granny's garden).

Magnificent species of scorpion fish, stonefish, frogfish, octopus and large eel find shelter in this site. More popularly known as ” The Tank ” This American M42 Duster with a self-propelled Anti-aircraft canon was originally in the employ of the Jordanian Army.

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Hercules C130 wreak back view, diving in aqaba red sea