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PADI Dive Center

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PADI Dive Center


At Coral Garden Diving Center we are dedicated to offering the best PADI diving classes and tours available. From the beginning PADI Scuba Diver Course and PADI Open Water Diver Course to the PADI Referral Scuba Course and up through the Divemaster Course and Assistant Instructor Course, we offer group programs, semi-private and private classes for all our classes, courses and lessons. Whether you are ready to start diving, upgrade your knowledge with our Advanced Dive Classes or become a PADI Professional, we can assist you. 

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All of our PADI courses make use of the most recent PADI eLearning resources, allowing you to start the course at home before your trip and be prepared to dive when you arrive. Spending your vacation time in a classroom is a waste. Go no further if you're seeking for the most recent, thorough, and secure PADI diving courses, scuba lessons, or dive shops in Aqaba. Prior reservations are advised.

Mean of the dive center

  • The term “dive centre” refers to companies whose business is providing divers with dive courses up to Dive Master so that recreational divers can improve their skills. Of course, they need to have the necessary facilities like a pool for confined water training.
  • They also sell, rent, repair, and maintain diverse supplies.
  • At the same time, their facilities offer recreational diving services such as the sale of compressed air and, in some cases, Nitrox.
    Furthermore, a dive centre or diving shop organizes guided dives and excursions in the area.
  • In addition to all of the above, a dive resort offers accommodation to divers. They can find Stay & Dive packages in the same hotel.
  • A resort, shop, or dive center may partner with one or more certifying agencies, as Coral Garden has done. Our dive shop is an a PADI dive center.

How do I choose a dive center?

Evaluating a dive centre is vital because your safety depends on it.

  • The ambience of the diving shop

In addition to beautiful facilities, a quality dive center stands out for its organization and cleanliness.

A non-written rule: users know what quality is and know where to find it. So, look if it is a crowded dive center. In addition, those scuba dive shops with a good quantity of divers can offer dives adapted to different levels. However, this is possible only in highly organized dive centers.

  • Dive center services

check if it meets the requirements. The next step is to pay attention to the details.

Find out more about which certifying agencies the scuba shop works with, and ask about the training and experience of the staff.

If you contact them first by phone or email, don’t hold back a single question, their job is to help you make the best decision,

Ask about their safety record, equipment testing, emergency plan, cylinder checks, etc.

Inquire about how they take care of the equipment, check if everything is in good condition, make sure the disinfection protocol they follow is ok, and what products they use.

Find out what you can about the boats. Of course, they should allow short trips to the dive site, but what about space? Is there backup equipment? How is the gear distributed aboard? What about the crew, are they experienced people?

To know what Coral Garden Boats are like,

  • Planning in the diving shop

Ask about the planning of the activities. Both excursions or dives have to be meticulously prepared.

Remember that a proper scuba briefing gives all divers the dive information and increases safety. So, the briefing quality can be a good KPI to find a dive center.

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