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Power Station Dive Site, Aqaba, Jordan

power-station coral reef site

Name: Power Station Aqaba

Dive: Wall, reef

Visibility - 20+ meters

Depth: 5 meters to 200+ meters

Snorkeling: available

Access: only from a boat

Power Station Dive Site, Aqaba, Jordan

Located 5 km south of Aqaba town. The Power Station dive site has a very lively coral plateau slanting from a depth of 5 – 20 meters with a steep wall drop-off dropping to deeper than 70 meters. This is the place where, on the chart, the one hundred and two hundred meters contour lines hit the coast. Advanced divers (or higher certification level) can do spectacular wall dives to the North or to the South from the mooring line.

boat sailing at evening

The dive site has access only by boat. The name of the dive site does not boast an elegant name but, it is a spectacular wall dive, conducted as a drift from north to south.

Several large hump-head wrasses and big moray eels are often cited here. Also, sea turtles and stingrays are often spotted here. On the wall, divers can see a big variety of soft and hard corals, shrimps, nudibranchs, sea stars, etc. Sharks and other large fishes are more often spotted here. The wall and drop-off are spectacular and there is an abundance of life to entertain you on the reef slope and in the shallows


The Power Station dive site got its name after the small oil-fired power station on the coast road to the North of the dive site.

This dive site is available for all certification levels: from beginner to professional. Also, snorkelling is amazing here.

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