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Scuba Diving in Jordan

Scuba Diving in Jordan Learn to scuba dive from professionals of Coral Garden Diving Center,
We will show you the very best that underwater Aqaba has to offer: coral reefs, wrecks, and lots of the exotic and very diverse sea life that the Red Sea is famous for. You'll enjoy our personal service and hassle-free diving.

Introductory Scuba Dive | Intro Dive | Scuba Diving in Aqaba

friends take photo underwater

Try Scuba Dive/Discover Scuba Diving - is the name of the training program, that will make every single beginner fall in love with diving. Even the fact that the training will take place in the most beautiful and picturesque places of Aqaba coastal line can already thrill most of the future participants. Those who are going to try their abilities for the first time are sure to be delirious with delight, have a feeling of unity with the sea world, experience a state of weightlessness and much more.

Padi Licence | Discover Scuba Diving Course in Aqaba| DSD

Discover Scuba Diving Program will help you open the diverse world of diving. In just one day every participant will be able to get a year certificate that proves training in a professional club. Having finished this course, you will receive a diving certificate that allows you to take part in the next level course OPEN WATER. What is more, everyone who has an active PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course certificate can finish a 4-day training program in only 4 days which gives a substantial course payment discount.

our diver instructor

If you are not sure whether you want to Scuba Diving professionally but dream of seeing the beauty of the Red sea depths, then trial diving in Aqaba is what you need. Our diving center will provide you with an experienced instructor to be your guide.

If you do not have enough time to go through a full scuba diving training course or you are not certain if you want to go in for sports like this, then Introductory dive will introduce you to Eilat underwater world and will help you make your final decision.

35-45 Minutes Introduction Dive

Scuba Diving with Underwater Photo in Aqaba

divers group from boat
boat from under water

Diving in the picturesque depths of the Red sea brings unforgettable emotions. The splendour of the underwater flora and fauna and breathtaking feeling of freedom - do you want to save the pristine brightness of the memories? Now it is possible thanks to our service of professional underwater photography, available to every client of the "Coral Garden" diving club.

Coral Garden Diving center provides high-quality underwater footage, which is no different from a "Discovery" Photo program. The instructor, accompanying the diver at the time of the dive, makes a full-scale photo shoot, the main character of which will be you surrounded by colourful fish and fairy tale corals of the Red sea. One person or a group can take part in the photo shoot. It is the ideal way to capture your exciting vacation, celebrate a new hobby and obtain a professional underwater portfolio.

Snorkeling on Coral reef in Aqaba

If you would like to get inside the colourful world of coral reefs, you will find no place that can be compared with the Red sea. Our diving center in Aqaba will turn snorkelling excursions into wonderful adventures. 

Snorkelling is one of the favourite pastimes for admirers of the sea depths. The best place for snorkelling – is the picturesque reefs of Eilat. Highly qualified and experienced instructors at our diving center will help you fully.
Snorkeling trip Aqaba, Jordan

Scuba Diving for Children in Aqaba

kids try dive with his family

A balanced development for children is the main goal of all parents without exception. Annual (or at least frequent) holidays by the sea will help your children grow up healthy and strong. And if you make your children go in for scuba diving in Aqaba – they will surprise you not only with strong immune systems but also with great physical abilities.

Scuba Diving for children can be a perfect start to their successful careers in future. But even if scuba diving skills are not useful for their future profession, they can easily decide on their favourite hobby.

A child’s body needs special attention
Many people think that children should not go in for scuba diving, because a young body is not yet ready for this kind of pressure and stress. But it is only partly true: a child’s body is weak unstable and at the beginning of its formation yet. But diving for children is different from diving for adults.

Trips to the diving center have to become a real pleasure for the child. Only then can you expect some really great results from the training. Swimming underwater will definitely be good for children because they will not only learn to dive underwater with scuba equipment but also they will train their muscles (including lung capacity). Children will become healthier, develop stamina and good on-water balance (divers move paddling in fins and a child remembers this technique and then uses it in swimming) and get rid of fears.

Scuba Diving from Boat in Aqaba

private boat

There's nothing like hopping on a boat and heading out to sea for a day of scuba diving. diving at some of the very best dive sites in Aqaba, including some fabulous reef sites that cannot be dived from shore. Join us for a fantastic Boat trip. The Boat is fully equipped – Spacious cabins, a washroom, kitchen, sun deck, stereo system and much more. 


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