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Snorkeling trip by boat

Snorkeling trip by boat Goes to the most interesting spot! 
Come aboard our boat to take you to a beautiful Snorkeling area! We take you to a snorkeling spot by boat and you can explore the underwater world, take photographs, and experience the wonder of the sea!  Beautiful colourful fish and coral are some of the beauties you can admire! Bring your bathing suit and your good mood as we provide all the snorkeling equipment. It is a perfect activity for the whole family as kids will have an amazing experience. The activity lasts around 4 hours! Spend quality time with your family, friends, and companion and escape to a different world.You can join us every day around 9:00 meeting time!

Snorkeling trip by boat details:

Duration: 4 hours minimum
Price: 35 JOD per person including:

  • Snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, fins,)
  • Snorkeling Guide
  • towels
  • cold water during the trip 
  • coffee & tea during the trip 
  • lunch & soft drink
  • transportation and way back to hotels inside Aqaba city 
Snorkeling trip Aqaba, Jordan

What you learn during the briefing:

  • Mask defogging
  • Mask and fin adjustment
  • Donning equipment
  • Swimming with fins
  • Snorkel breathing
  • Entering and exiting the water
  • Removing water from snorkel and mask
  • Kicking with fins
  • Marine life
Boat Trip

What to know about Snorkeling trip by boat

There is so much to know about snorkeling, but you want to start with the basics!
Safety is the number one priority when snorkeling. Here are some tips for safe snorkeling!

  • ALWAYS snorkel with a buddy! Never snorkel alone. Snorkeling with a friend means you have help if you start feeling unwell or snorkel gear malfunctions! Plus it’s way more fun!
  • Don’t use a full-face mask. Most of the full-face snorkel masks on the market are not made to circulate Co2 well and can cause shallow water blackout. use our equipment a traditional mask and snorkel set up to help you receive the most oxygen while snorkeling and equalize if you decide to dive. We provide all snorkel gear on our tours!
  • Consider a guided snorkel tour. Guided snorkel tours are going to take you to places where the water is calmest and clearest and you have someone to teach you how to snorkel and answer any snorkel-related questions you may have!

    Hope these snorkel tips have gotten you excited to get in the water and explore!

private boat

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For any clarification, please feel free to contact us: WhatsApp
+962 790015103
+962 798949566
Coral Garden Diving Center
Aqaba Jordan

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