Snorkeling Trip, Aqaba, Jordan

Join our snorkeling trip Aqaba, Jordan! Put on a mask and snorkel and marvel at the amazing world beneath the waves. If you have never snorkeled but have been to an aquarium or watched TV then you are in for a real treat… Colors are just so much brighter when you see fish in their natural habitat.


снорклинг в Акабе, Girl snorkeling to the reef
boat trip aqaba red sea

Our day starts with a briefing from our experienced snorkel guides. They will check that you are comfortable with the equipment before guiding you into the beautiful gulf. Almost anyone can snorkel, you do not need to be a great swimmer. Just comfortable getting into the water and ready for a great adventure. If you need a little help with buoyancy then we have life jackets, floats and wet suits available.

Kids love snorkeling so make this one of the highlights of your family holiday here in beautiful Aqaba. The stories they will be able to tell afterwards will be great fun. As they try and describe the colors, shapes and behavior of the huge variety of fish and sea creatures that can be seen.

There are a lot of spots for snorkeling: Japanese Gardens, Seven Sisters, Tank, Cable reef, Airplane Hercules C130 and many more. Learn more about snorkeling sites in Aqaba.

We conduct snorkeling trip from boat and from shore.  Shore trips are more flexible with time. Its ideal if you need to come back in time or can not start in the morning. Don't worry. Corals in Aqaba starts from the first meters, so boat is not neccessary to see corals and fishes.

Boat trips take minimum 4 hours. Usually we visit 2 or 3 different spots. Private boat trips are available for groups and individuals.

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Also if you never tried scuba diving, you can do it. No previous experience required!