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Things To Do In Jordan

Things To Do In Jordan Are you hoping to witness Jordan's Aqaba's unmatched beauty? Everyone will find something to enjoy in Aqaba, from ancient ruins to Red Sea snorkelling!

Things To Do In Jordan

Things To Do in Aqaba

Aqaba has a lot to offer its guests, whether they are adrenaline junkies or just looking to unwind and appreciate nature.

Read on for insight into everything from water sports and beach activities.

girl analysing the nitrox present in tanks
Snorkeling trip Aqaba, Jordan

Diving and Snorkeling in Aqaba

The best diving and snorkelling locations are found at Aqaba. Aqaba, which is situated on the Red Sea's shore, draws scuba divers from all over the world who wish to see its stunning underwater environment.

The corals and aquatic life in the Aqaba Gulf are growing and becoming more diversified over time despite climate change and global warming.

Things To Do In Aqaba Jordan

More than 1000 different species of fish and 240 different types of coral make up the Aqaba Gulf's distinctive environment. Additionally, you might see turtles or snappers.

Many people visit Aqaba to complete their PADI certification in scuba diving because of the clear and tranquil water conditions.

Numerous institutions in Aqaba provide instruction for novice, intermediate, and expert divers.

Marine life in Aqaba
wreck site in red sea , aqaba

Scuba Dive In Aqaba

In Aqaba, there are more than 25 dive sites, some of which have been enhanced by the addition of ships, tanks, or plane wrecks. This enhances the enjoyment of diving in Aqaba.

The following are a few of the top snorkelling and diving locations in Aqaba:

  • Wreck of Cedar Pride is probably the most famous dive site in Aqaba. The 80-meter-long cargo ship is the highlight of this site!
  • Japanese Garden
  • Tank and Seven Sisters
  • Lockheed Tristar
  • Rainbow Reef North
  • Power Station
  • Underwater Military museum

Booking diving and snorkelling Aqaba

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