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Tips how to choose dive center

Tips on how to choose a dive center: While you might have your diving equipment, it's always advisable to opt for reputable dive centres to guarantee your safety during your dive. Here are some valuable pointers to consider when selecting a dive centre, whether you're in a foreign country or specifically in Jordan.

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Dive centre Hospitality

Before making your choice, it's essential to define your expectations from a dive center. Do you prefer a more intimate and personalized experience, or are you looking for a luxury dive center that specializes in accommodating larger groups? At our dive center, we limit the maximum group size for certified divers to 4-6 people, ensuring a more personalized and enjoyable diving experience.

Personal touch

Diving schools should consistently prioritize a personal touch. You should feel genuinely welcomed and valued, with the ability to engage in open discussions with the instructors regarding your specific requirements and how they can best cater to them. Whether you are an experienced diver or embarking on your first dive, your needs will vary significantly, and it's crucial for the dive center to acknowledge and accommodate these distinctions.

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Instructors and divemasters

All staff at diving schools should possess full training and licenses to offer diving courses, and many will also have specialized areas of expertise. At our Coral Garden Diving Center, we offer courses and dives suitable for all levels, from introductory try dives to divemaster certifications. Our commitment to safety and quality is underscored by our affiliation with PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), one of the most reputable diving associations in the industry.

Here are some recommendations for choosing the right dive center:

  1. Seek Recommendations: It's always valuable to hear about others' firsthand experiences with a dive center. Ask friends, family, or fellow travellers if they have any recommendations for reputable dive centres in the area. Additionally, consider checking out customer reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor.
  2. Social Media Insight: Social media provides an excellent glimpse into a dive center's daily activities and its unique character. Pay attention to their posts and interactions. Do they seem to be having a great time? What kinds of marine life are they encountering? Are their customers actively engaging with their content?
  3. Facilities Assessment: Often overlooked but crucial is the assessment of a dive center's facilities. You should prefer a dive center that provides essential amenities such as clean showers and restrooms, a designated classroom for study and briefings before your dive, and more. These facilities contribute to a more comfortable and organized diving experience.
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Tips how to choose dive center

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