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Why become a certified diver?

With the world made up of over 70% water, there is so much to explore deep under. While some may think you can just pull on scuba gear and dive in, you need a license to scuba dive. There are numerous benefits for becoming a certified scuba diver to consider. Here are our top four, that might convince you to become a PADI certified diver at Coral Garden Diving Center.

Open water diver course elearning Aqaba

Safety First

The most important benefits of becoming a certified diver is for safety. Being certified means that you are trained by an experienced instructor to set up diving equipment safely and properly. You learn skills in various diving situations and safety procedures. Not only does this training make diving trips safer for you but also for your dive buddy.

Easy Access Everywhere

Being a certified diver makes buying or renting scuba gears and filling tanks hassle-free anywhere in the world. Professional dive shops will not supply these services to unlicensed individuals. Dive tours are also even easier, as there is no need for long theory briefings or skills training sessions before.

Numerous Health Benefits

Scuba diving, aside from being fun and entertaining, has great physical and emotional benefits. It improves flexibility and strength, reduces blood pressure, improves blood circulation, improves agility, improves respiratory system and relieves stress among many others.

Explore More

Being certified means that you can explore more than the amateur divers can. You have more freedom to explore deeper waters, and wider variety of sites. Generally prices lower and gives you more time underwater since you don’t need to sit through any introduction sessions.

The bonus of obtaining a PADI Open Water Diver certification in Aqaba, is that you not only get to vacation in a tropical jewel but you also get to explore some of the world’s best diving spots such as the Cedar Pride Shipwreck, Japanese Gardens coral reef,

Tristar airplane, among other great diving spots just minutes away from Coral Garden Diving Center. Our certified instructors are ready to take you on a fun, safe and stress-free diving adventure.

Scuba diving is a great way of meeting new people and explore new places. A whole new world is waiting for you down there… Just do it!

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