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Aqaba's Favourite Food

Aqaba's Favourite Food, If you’re feeling tired after scuba diving, then you will need food to keep your energy levels up. These foods are great in the Middle East are one of the tastiest and delicious foods in the world.

Especially in Jordan, we have listed below a couple of must-try dishes during your travels in Aqaba Jordan.


Aqaba's traditional dish Sayadiah is going to be one of the best memories for you to take back home. And it is easy to find somewhere to get involved in the cooking (fish, delicately spiced, served with rice in an onion and tahini sauce),

food mix rice and fish


make you fall in love with Jordanian food is Shawarma. finding the best Shawarma place to eat can be difficult, especially since there are many restaurants in Aqaba specializing in Shawarma only. Each one of these restaurants is also trying their best in finding different methods of cooking or adding certain spices to make their Shawarma the best Shawarma you eat.

while shawarma here is often cooked horizontally over coals.

checkin in sandwish


Mansaf is one of the most popular traditional Jordanian dishes that you must eat. The thing with Mansaf is it is the pride and joy of all Jordanians. If you are a guest at any Jordanian home and they serve you Mansaf, that means that they are honoring you with a lot of respect and gratitude.

it's lamb meat and rice, dried yogurt (called Jameed) & Shrak bread, served under the rice with the lamb on top, and then a bit of the yogurt is poured on top of the rice.

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