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Shore scuba diving in Aqaba

Shore scuba diving in Aqaba basically means diving from the shore rather than from a boat. Some people consider shore diving to be a lower form of diving, but this is highly unfair.

Some amazing dive sites can be found just off the shores and there really is no need to take a boat if you have some fantastic diving opportunities right on your doorstep. Actually in Aqaba more than 90% of dive sites available from the shore, including famous Hercules C130, Cedar Pride shipwreck, Underwater military museum, etc.

Furthermore, shore diving can sometimes be very strenuous and challenging, so it is not as most people think just something for beginners to the diving world to take part in.

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Shore diving in Aqaba has a bunch of benefits in particular:

  • It allows you to dive into your own schedule.
  • You can explore a variety of unique sites and move at your own pace. Every diving location has 2-3 different dive sites, thats will make your trip fun and memorable.
  • You don’t have to take long boat rides. Especially if you have other plans or strict with timetable. We will make sure that we will arrive in time.
  • Shore diving is cheaper and more convenient for divers on a budget. Check out our prices and offers
  • It generally offers more freedom and flexibility to dive when and how you want.
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Shore scuba diving in Aqaba

Things to Consider When Shore Diving

If you are thinking of going shore diving, think about the following points for a minute:

  • need to be in good physical condition, as you will need to walk with your equipment to the shore, rather than just having it placed on the boat for you and diving in from there. you will need to be fit and healthy. In Aqaba, the way to the sea is around 30-50 meters.
  • You have to be very careful about where you enter and exit the water. Most of the year water conditions are very good, there is no big waves or strong currents. Aqaba is an ideal place for beginners to try scuba diving.
  • also need to be able to tow your buddy all the way back to shore in the event of an accident.
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Divers at underwater tank Duster M42 aqaba

The Benefits of Shore Diving

There are many benefits to shore diving, particularly for those who suffer from seasickness of cause. Also, there are simply some amazing sites out there for anybody interested inshore diving.

There are also many shore dive locations that offer fantastic night diving opportunities.


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