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Welcome to Twinset Diving: Explore the Depths with Tec Diving

Explore the Depths with Tec Diving, Discover the exhilarating world of twinset diving with our specialized Tec Diving course. Ready to take your scuba diving experience to new heights? Join us for a hands-on adventure that will transform the way you explore the underwater realm.

Explore Tec Diving Hands-On

Immerse yourself in the technical finesse of Tec diving. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the unique techniques of "flying" a Tec wing, setting this experience apart from traditional recreational diving. This practical session not only refines your skills but also contributes towards your Tec 40 certification.

tec diver

Perfect Your Underwater Photography

Say goodbye to short dives due to low air supply. With a twinset, enjoy extended dive times and the added advantage of using Nitrox for enriched air divers. Capture breathtaking shots without constraints, as our twinset provides a reliable gas supply for a seamless underwater photography experience.

Complete Backup System for Safety

Safety is our top priority. The twinset serves as a complete backup system, ensuring peace of mind during your dives. It also opens doors to advanced courses like the Self Reliant Diver, enhancing your skills and independence.

Tec Basics Certification, Unlock New Depths

Opt for the Tec Basics certification with one additional dive and a theory session. This achievement not only enhances your diving skills but also contributes towards the prestigious Master Scuba Diver certification – the Black Belt of scuba diving.

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Discover Tec Course Details

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Prerequisites:
    • PADI Open Water Diver certification or equivalent
    • Minimum of 10 logged dives
    • Minimum age: 18 years old
  • What You'll Learn:
    • Basic Tec diving procedures
    • Setting up and adjusting gear for optimal fit and comfort
    • Exploration and familiarization with the equipment

Invest in Adventure: Embark on your Tec diving journey for just US$150.00.

Dive into Tec Diving Today: Ready to embrace the challenge? Book your Tec Diving experience now and unlock a whole new level of underwater exploration!

Explore the Depths with Tec Diving, Start right now!

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