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Discover the Depths with Tec

Discover the Depths with Tec, Technical diving is a term used to describe all diving methods that exceed the limits imposed on depth and/or immersion time for recreational scuba diving. Technical diving often involves the use of special gas mixtures (rather than compressed air) for breathing. The type of gas mixture used is determined either by the maximum depth planned for the dive or by the length of time that the diver intends to spend underwater. While the recommended maximum depth for conventional scuba diving is 42 meters, technical divers may work in the range of 40 meters to 100 meters, sometimes even deeper.

Tec Diving Achievements:

Our experienced technical instructor trainer, technical instructor, Amjad Sulaibi, boasts additional PADI-approved technical speciality courses. Concurrently, he introduces divers to unexplored sites in Aqaba. Recognized by Project AWARE, our tec team actively participates in deep environmental initiatives, conducting cleanup tec dives and surveys. Amjad holds the record as the deepest Jordanian diver, reaching 136 meters in November 2016, accompanied by Rod Abbotson.

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Wreck Exploration:

Taiyong Shipwreck

Boldly go deeper with Tec Team Aqaba, equipped with intimate knowledge of the Taiyong wreck since its discovery in 2004. Our team has spent years surveying the wreck, ensuring a safe and thrilling dive experience. Additionally, explore the Al Shorouk wreck, scuttled in June 2008, for a unique underwater adventure.

Technical Diving Courses:

Unlock a new realm of diving possibilities with our comprehensive range of technical diving courses. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, we offer courses tailored to different levels. Dive into the depths with confidence, guided by our skilled instructors. We also conduct instructor courses for those seeking to advance their skills and share their passion for technical diving.


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Discover our range of Tec courses:

Instructor Courses:

  • Tec Instructor
  • Tec Deep Instructor
  • Tec Trimix Instructor

Ready to embark on a journey into the depths? invites you to boldly go deeper and discover the wonders that await beneath the surface. Contact us to start your technical diving adventure today!

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