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how to get Jordan and dive with us

How to get to Jordan There is a direct flight to Aqaba by Rayan Air, so with a connecting
flight then this is a good option from many European cities. Turkish Airlines fly three times a week directly to Aqaba, you can easily make
a connecting flight to Istanbul for travelling from and to Europe.Turkish Airlines

Flights to Jordan

Many countries in Europe and elsewhere have both scheduled and charter flights to
Queen Alia Airport in Amman. The journey to Aqaba takes around 4 hours either by
taxi, bus or 45-minute flight. An option would be to arrange to visit other attractions in
Jordan at the beginning and end of your holiday and stay in Aqaba for the diving and
fun bit with us!

Other Flight Options

Depending on the time you have available and your budget there is the option to fly to
Egypt or Israel on a charter flight and then travel to Jordan. Our visitors have travelled
this way in the past via Sharm El Sheik (always flights available there) or to closer Taba
in Egypt. To get to Jordan you can take a ferry from Nuweiba or Taba to Aqaba. Another
option is to travel by land via Eilat, Israel crossing the borders at Taba and Aqaba. If flying
into Ovda, Eliat you can then simply cross the border into Jordan, it is a forty-five-minute
the bus journey from the airport to Eilat, and then you would take a five-minute taxi ride to the border. WARNING! These other options require careful planning for ferry times and border crossings
being open etc. and may not actually work out cheaper in the long term, they also require more
days at each end of your holiday here. These methods can work well if planned properly. Always
get the latest information before travelling this way

How to get Aqaba when in Jordan

A taxi from Amman Airport to Aqaba will cost 120 JOD for the car.

A taxi from Amman airport to central Amman will cost 20 JOD.

You can get the airport bus to the “7th circle” and from here you can take a ” Jett Bus ” to Aqaba.
This cost approximately 8.60 JOD or 18 JOD for the VIP bus and the journey time is
3 hours 45 minutes. The terminal at Aqaba is next to the Movenpick Hotel,
just a 5-minute walk from our Dive Center. If in central Amman you can catch the “Jett Bus” from near the “3rd circle” this also
costs about 8 JOD and the journey time is 4 hours. The terminal in Aqaba is the same,
next to the Movenpick hotel – a five-minute walk from our centre. Jett bus runs a service approximately every two hours from 6.30 am through to 6.30 pm.
You can also go to the large bus terminal in Abduli in Amman, here you can catch a
service taxi or a regular bus, these are cheaper options but do not work to any timetable!

From Aqaba Airport

You can take a taxi here to Aqaba for 10 JOD. Coral Garden Diving Center can also
arrange to pick you up if you are diving with us – just contact us using the “contact us”
form at the top of the page

From Aqaba Port

You can take a taxi here to Aqaba for 7 JOD. Dive Aqaba can also arrange to pick you
up if you are diving with us – just contact us using the “contact us” form at the top of the page.

From the Israeli border

You can take a taxi here to Aqaba for 11 JOD. Here you must take the white border taxis,
we are not allowed to pick you up!

Aqaba Map


Further down the coast are a dazzling undersea world of some of the most spectacular coral reefs to be found anywhere in the world, often over many hundreds of meters wide, the reef is made up of many delicately hued corals among which live a myriad of brilliantly Colored fish.

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