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Positive Things of COVID-19 Outbreak

The thick black clouds of coronavirus have enveloped every part of the world, spreading its aura of terror. And until we wait for the clouds to clear and the bright yellow sun rays to touch our lives, we must look for the silver lining. In this case, there is a lot of positivity around us. From dolphins swimming across waters, people coming together to sing, families spending quality time together in the comfort of their homes and nature recuperating from the clutches of pollution. Earth is repairing. So here are some positive things amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Mumbai’s Marine Drive Witness A School Of Dolphins Playing In The Water

There is a popular meme doing the rounds of social media that states ‘Coronavirus is the vaccine to humans that are the virus’. Ever since people have been on self-quarantine, nature and all its elements have been thriving. There has been a decrease in water traffic and pollution on Mumbai’s Marine Drive, making it easier to spot dolphins. The reduced water traffic in the Arabian Sea has led to people spotting dolphins playfully jumping in the waters. If this isn’t a little dose of positivity for the day, then what is right?

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2. Dolphins Have Returned To The Canals Of Venice

The sad bad news is that Italy has been declared as the epicentre of coronavirus, but the good news is that dolphins, swans and fish are witnessed swimming around in the clean canals of the city. The lockdown in Venice might have filled the air with gloom, but with nature’s mystical creatures making their way to the waters of Venice, there is a lovely sprinkle of positivity in Europe.

3. China Reports Significant Decrease In Air Pollution

Air pollution from nitrogen, a gas emitted by cars, power plants and factories dropped by 40% in Chinese cities due to the restriction put to prevent the rapid spread of coronavirus. The European Space Agency observed a decrease in fine particulate matter which is a major air pollutant this February as compared to the past three years. Studies also showed that particulate matter fell by around 20-30% over large parts of China. The significant decrease in air pollution in China is testimony to the fact that the earth is healing.

China during COVID 19 pandemy

We hope corals and fish in the Gulf of Aqaba also will recover after the storm "Golda" on March, 13 and will meet divers in the new season more healthy and with a big variety of fishes and marine life.

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