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Keep diving alive

How to keep diving alive in your dreams and in reality

  • E-learning courses

There is no reason why you can’t  use this time inside wisely, and learn some new material for when your next dive trip happens

  • Maintain your equipment

Most servicing needs to be done professionally, but there is no reasons why you can’t get your gear out of the attic to wash off the dust and try it on

  • Plan your future trips

Researching and sharing destination or training ideas with your dive buddies will help keep you inspired

  • Get in touch

Contact your travel agent, dive resorts or instructors and ask them for regular updates or for information about upcoming diving or course opportunities

  • Exercise and stay healthy

Above all else, staying health is imperative. Stay fit with online exercise classes, yoga at home or even just healthy eating and lots of housework!

There are a lot of divers who have had to cancel or postpone their diving trips this summer, but as unfortunate as it may seems now, flattering the curve is essential at the current moment. But it will subside in time and until then, we can all still try to stay motivated and prepared for stretching our legs (and donning our wetsuits) when we are finally able to!

Coral Garden Diving Center always happy to meet new friends for diving in Aqaba!

boat trip aqaba red sea
Reasons to do diving & snorkeling in Aqaba
Join us to dive in the Red Sea and explore its beauty with our Diving & Snorkeling in
Aqaba programs. Realizes that Aqaba’s greatest asset is the Red Sea itself. Here residents can experience
one of the best snorkeling and diving in the world. The temperate climate and
the gentle water currents have created a perfect environment for the growth of corals and
a teeming plethora of marine life. Scuba diving and snorkeling is one of the
most popular activities in Aqaba. Instructors and divemasters have all necessary licences to work.
Coral Garden diving center use brand new equipment for divers and snorkelers.

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