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Air quality

Amidst the deadly corona-virus outbreak, air quality is significantly improving in
countries that have ordered quarantine. As per reports, while the air quality in
these areas has certainly improved, their long-term impacts still remain uncertain.
According to images by NASA, the United States’ space agency, nitrogen dioxide
(NO2) fell dramatically in Wuhan, China, which is the epicentre of the coronavirus

Drastic fall in NO2 levels

NO2 is mainly produced by vehicles, industrial sites, and thermal power stations.
But due to the quarantine N02 from these sources has dropped drastically.
According to reports, as China moves past the peak of its coronavirus crisis, there
has been a resurgence of NO2 emissions as things begin to normalize after the

As per reports, the European Space Agency (ESA) has also seen a drastic reduction
in NO2 in northern Italy which has been locked down to fight the deadly
coronavirus. Similar drops have also been observed in Barcelona and Madrid in
Spain, which is also under lockdown. The novel coronavirus, also known as
COVID-19,has claimed more than 13,069 lives across the world and has infected
over 3,08,463 people globally since it first broke out in December 2019.

Satellite image showing air pollution over and around the city of Italy

A decrease in pollution levels in China

According to NASA China showed a drastic decline in pollution levels in the month of
February. The aerial images which were released by NASA along with European Space
Agency (ESA) on the former’s website compare the concentration of nitrogen dioxide
across China between January 1-20 i.e. period before quarantine and February 10-25
i.e. during the quarantine with results showing

Satellite image showing air pollution

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